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Vendor Messages
KingMan / ( Real Market ) #1Hi, first of all, thank you to you for being here and to the onionlist team for their work.
I would like to briefly introduce my service to you.
We handle Paypal accounts and transfers, credit cards and bank accounts, moneygram and western union transfers within our service.
Our trading purpose is primarily our own gain, and then of course, to make a profit for you.
We provide a quality service to my customers, and most importantly, I offer fast and quality support, and of course you can be sure that you will see this over and over again.
Of course, I am sure that you have many questions and you can answer them on our site, or if you have not found an answer to your question, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail, you can even chat with us, not only about orders, and I will enjoy it.
This is what I want to say in short, I would like to share more information and chat with my visitors, so send us a mail. And for more, I invite you to my site.
Regards, KingMan...
KingMan - Financial Services : KingMan Real Market.
Prepaid Cards, PayPal Accounts, PayPal Transfers, Western Union Transfers, MoneyGram Transfers, CC Fullz...
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Happy Market is Here!!Hello, we are here now, we have been managing this market for many years on the deepweb and I claim that we offer the best products.

I manage a lucrative market for both parties in this market and the products we have are plentiful and we have many suppliers. Remember, we are not only selling here, but also earning a lot.

Here is some information about the market, we accept escrow service for those who do not trust us, and when we have problems with the products, we return your money back down to the penny, you can trust us here.

Happy customers and your feedback is very important to us. You can send the questions you want to ask to our mail address.

I wish you healthy days.
Happy Market - BEST MARKET!!, PayPal Accounts, Credit Cards, Western Union
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Onion List - KingMan
Onion List - Happy Market
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