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Vendor Messages
King Money - Quick SupportWe have now decided to use the wickr me application to provide faster support.

Our order density and number of customers are increasing day by day, but in this case, our e-mail address is a little slow. And there are cases where we are delayed to reply to sent messages, so now wickr me.

With Wickr me, we can see instant messages and thus provide faster support.
Wickr me, User name : kingmoneyhelper

In the near future, I will make a new partner agreement to make orders faster.
And again, in this way, I plan to provide delays in orders or faster delivery to remote areas to our center.

I will make a new information with a new topic.
Best Regards, King Money
King Money - Financial Services, Market
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King Money - Real MarketWe offer a real market here, you can easily reach the life you want with the easy payment system.
"Prepaid Cards, PayPal Accounts, PayPal Transfers, Western Union Transfers, MoneyGram Transfers, CC Fullz" everything you want for financial resource is here, mail us to see our products and we will prove it to you.
Click on our link, get information on why and how we do this business on our site and remember here you can get real products, real profits.
We accept escrow system for payments. We always have a tracking service for cargo products. Contact us.

Happy new year!
King Money - Financial Services, Market
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