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What is Promo?

Promo is a package for your website.
Makes your website appear in the top position in its category.
Promo package sites are specially designed to attract visitors' attention.
In this way you can earn more visitors and real customers.
More sheltered against fake comments. Evidence should be added to the bad comments received by these sites. Otherwise, comments are removed or not accepted.
Promo package is useful for both customers and sellers.
- Sellers attract more visitors to their sites with promo package so they gain more earnings.
- Visitors will be able to easily identify which site is reliable or not.
Only Trusted Sellers and Real Sites Can Have This Package.
Sites that have been closed for a long time will be removed from the Promotion Package.

To Buy Promo Package;

Web Site Title, Web Site Address, Web Site Description And Mail Your Category.
Make your payment to the Bitcoin address given to you. (Bitcoin Address will be sent by mail.)
Your website will be shown with promo after payment.
Promo Package Price 75 Dollars.
email us:
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