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Onion Links

If we want to learn how onion links work, we first need to know about tor Browser and VPN. What is tor Browser exactly? And how its work? The basic logic is to route users 'web traffic through a number of other users' computers, providing encrypted communication from a voluntary computer network where the actual user cannot be reached. Users who log into the Tor network have trusted this network. TOR Browser was developed by the U.S. Navy to hide information about who was interviewing who on the internet. Running on various operating systems, it has been popular for being free and easy to install. Because the packets to be transmitted are transmitted through different servers (volunteer computers) on the network, capturing a packet at any point makes it difficult to find the source and the recipient due to the random selection of the sender and recipient. At the same time, re-encryption is performed at each node change. It will be low compared to the internet speed in normal use because it will be switched from at least 3 nodes until packet transmission to the actual recipient is performed. The user can increase the number of nodes if he wants. Information about where the user accessed through TOR Browser is also hidden from the internet service provider. There are many websites accessible only with TOR. These sites do not end with .com or .org, as usual sites do. Usually “. İt has the extension” onion “. Links to these websites are only accepted by browsers or applications running on the Tor network, such as the Orbot and Orfox mobile applications. Otherwise, you will not be able to access these sites.

What are these Onion links used for?

For Deep web? For Dark web? What are those? On the internet, it refers to” a class of content that is not indexed by traditional search engines for various technical reasons. It is therefore inaccessible with a traditional search engine. Information on the Deep Web covers sites that generate content through private intranets (corporations, government agencies, and internal networks such as either universities), commercial databases such as Lexis Nexis or Westlaw, or through search queries or forms. It is also called Hidden web. In Deep web, a site owner uses certain techniques to keep the website hidden from web browsers and prevent pages from being indexed. Some of these include making sure that surface websites do not contain links to their pages, limiting access to pages by technical means (e.g., captchas), or requiring login to access pages.

The Dark Web is deliberately hidden in the Deep Web. It is not exactly true to say that Deep is located within the web. Darknet is an encrypted network hidden against some people that users cannot access without using special software. Access is provided if necessary equipment is provided, but its publishers are confidential. The aim is for the parties to be able to continue the activities they wish to do without being exposed and to use the network anonymously.

Why you should use such an .onion link?

The .onion domain name is different from other domain names. Tor is far from the most popular browser, and many people don't even know it exists. Therefore, you should not expect great traffic on your .onion site. However, the Tor Browser offers numerous layers of anonymity not found in the more popular browsers. If you want to maintain total anonymity for both you and your visitors, you won't find much better than a Tor address. when you create an onion link, a domain name is automatically created for you. Your Tor browser will have 16 random strings of lowercase letters and numbers (2 through 7) that you can use to navigate to your server. Unfortunately, these random strings cannot be longer or shorter than 16 characters, and are often difficult to remember, making it easier for users to memorize your website and create a similar but different domain name for malicious users to potentially confuse visitors.

Are the sites accessed through onion links illegal?

Of course not. Crime is a crime and if you attend a crime you will be punished. However, it is not a crime for you to navigate through links that you can access on the internet. But performing illegal shopping (e.g. buying drugs, illegal weapons) will be considered criminal and will be criminally sanctioned. These links may be used if you refrain from illegal activities, avoiding actions that may reveal your identity. The correct use of these links should be researched very well. Nevertheless, you can use these links to access the deep web. Of course with a solid Tor-Browser and with a good VPN services.
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