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BITCARDS - PREPAID CARDS The most trusted credit cards store in darknet with returning customers.
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good comment
jeral***** 18.06.2020 18:35:30

Order received on time. I liked the packaging, the guys have a sense of humor.
good comment
blackm****** 13.06.2020 14:52:19

got my full
good comment
jabdo9****** 10.06.2020 07:31:48

This was my first purchase. Everything went perfectly
good comment
par*** 07.06.2020 08:31:36

As promised, I leave a review. Well done guys, helped me in a difficult moment.
good comment
jj1*** 06.06.2020 06:51:53

all good. cards on hands
good comment
elov**** 04.06.2020 18:05:22

For all the time of cooperation with this seller, there were no problems
good comment********* 03.06.2020 05:02:25

Totally satisfied.
good comment
aqbhc***** 02.06.2020 16:09:54

Order delivered, good service
good comment
9h** 02.06.2020 08:25:56

very good vendor.
good comment
62cy0***** 01.06.2020 06:49:36

Legit. got my order
good comment
torr**** 29.05.2020 18:16:40

You can use it.
good comment
kill**** 28.05.2020 08:14:57

Made a trial purchase. I bought the card data, recorded it on plastic. We will continue to work
good comment
ybjum***** 27.05.2020 07:44:36

5 stars
good comment
cg3do***** 26.05.2020 16:27:20

Reliable seller, no problems with the order.
good comment
parabe****** 25.05.2020 08:46:09

2 weeks ago I ordered 2 visa classic cards. received a package today
good comment
4nicola.l********* 24.05.2020 09:24:06

bought a full. all is well
good comment
shatk***** 23.05.2020 07:32:23

I received the track number the day after payment. The package arrived fast enough.
good comment
clarence******** 10.05.2020 07:29:24

Got a card.
good comment
zba*** 08.05.2020 19:11:05

Good vendor
good comment
sys*** 16.04.2020 00:00:00

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