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What is Hidden Wiki?

The web App "The Hidden Wiki "is a collection of links from the Darknet, which lists the largest internet pages from the" Hidden Services", that is, those web addresses that appear on".onion " and can only be accessed via the Tor network. The Web App visually resembles Wikipedia, only with the difference that "the Hidden Wiki" is a link collection of the most important and largest pages from the Dark net. The Links are by category, such as marketplaces, Blogs, Forums or Email.

How it works?

To enter the Darknet, you need Software, such as the Tor Client. It hides the IP address and thus conceals the identity of the users. This works with the help of a principle reminiscent of an onion and its layers. Each request is routed through at least three Tor servers, none of the servers knows where the request comes from and where it is forwarded. Between them, the information is sent encrypted and cannot be viewed. That's why Logo of the Tor Browser: an onion.

Many pages look like they did in the nineties and also take a similar length to load. They cannot be found by classic search engines like Google and are therefore called hidden services. Currently there are about 50 000 of these hidden sites. One of the most famous was the so-called Silk Road, the "Amazon for drugs". Most of the sites about are drugs, money laundering or illegal pornography, including Videos of rape, sodomy and pedophilia.

The Hidden Wiki provide these onion links to access deep web.

Is it forbidden to use the hidden wiki links?

No, in general it is not forbidden to surf on the Dark net – why? An example to illustrate this: it is not forbidden to go to Park. But if you buy weed or other drugs there, you make yourself a criminal. In general, you can of course surf the Dark net and use the links you get from the hidden wiki. The whole point is what you're doing there. But if you order drugs on the Dark net, for example, you make yourself a criminal.

Not true, even if the headlines usually deal with it. Google & co. know only a part of the Internet. What search engines do not automatically detect is known as the Deep Web. And then there is the Dark net, technically a completely encrypted area of the Internet. The vast parallel universe dark net serves not only illegal purposes. This is how access works.

"Google knows everything", you must not misunderstand this sentence.

Dark net: secret societies of the Internet

The operators of the dark net and Deep web also take advantage of this circumstance. The idea behind the online Dark net is similar to the concept of secret societies and hidden Lodges of the real world and has nothing to do with crimes: Only those who are personally known to at least one member of the lodge will be admitted to the meetings.

Search engines have program snippets that visit websites and collect some information in them. These are called “crawler”. Some sites do not allow these "crawlers" to find themselves in order not to appear on search engines. These sites or services make up the deep web. If you're going to enter a site on the Deep web, you can't do it with search engines.

Dark net is actually a network but it is an encrypted network. Encrypted networks that you can enter through special tools or some software are actually your “Dark net”. For example, you want to transfer files by establishing a network connection between a friend's computer and your computer, but you want to encrypt the data you send so that no one can see it. That's a kind of Dark net. The Tor Browser is the largest known Dark net. “. their website called” onion " is part of this network.

What Is Surface Web?

Creates surface web content that can be obtained / indexed by known web browsers. Access to websites whose direct link address is unknown is provided by search engines hosted by web browsers (google, bing, yandex, DuckDuckGo, yahoo, baidu, ask...). When anything is written and searched on the search engine for the content that is wanted to be accessed, the search engine will use its own algorithm to provide us with the addresses that we might want to access. Each content / Hyper Text related to the entered keyword will be included in the search engine.

Because search engines use unique algorithms, the links listed are ranked differently. Advertising to the search engine and similar situations have an effect on listing. We can easily perform the operations we want from banking sector, transportation, education and social media by using web browsers.
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