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What is deep web?

Deep network, deep Internet or Deep Web is a system that consists of thousands of links containing information that search engines cannot index since the first appearance of the internet. All Websites that are not connected to search engines or are not found are included in the deep network. Websites cannot be displayed for various reasons. For example, Library Archives do not want to be displayed on search engines because they contain content that is generally not seen by anyone or difficult to index, such as public and private company information. In addition, flash sites, Ajax sites (running with jQuery), password-entered Websites, ftp sites are also included in the deep network because they are difficult to read by search engines. System and administrator folders in forums and Websites are not automatically displayed in search results to avoid security vulnerabilities. It is possible to access the deep network with different search engines, and for user safety these links do not open with normal browsers. This System, deep network, can be entered with closed dns-routers. This is also possible with specially developed browsers or operating systems. Browser applications are first produced by the US Navy, then canceled and shared on the internet is Tor Browser.

Size of the Surface Web, Deep Web, and dark net

According to the researches, there are more than 4 billion active users on the internet. How many users use Deep web, dark web and surface web? Unfortunately, no information is available for such statistics. The exact size of the Deep Web is currently not specified. Some researchers have estimated that the surface is about 4000-5000 times wider than the web. But exactly how big it is is unclear. Users take legal or illegal measures on the Dark net with new tools, as the risk of detection is minimal. This makes Dark net grow like the Deep Web. Again, there is no clear data on how much the Dark net does for the Deep Web, how much of the measures taken are legal or how much is illegal.

As it is called the Dark net is a dark, that is, a hidden network. It is not separated from the visible Internet - the Clear Web, but is connected to the Internet. Basically, you should know that the entire Internet consists of three essential components:

The Clear Web: this is the area of the internet where we shop, chat with friends or upload holiday photos. However, this easily accessible part of the internet is only a small Fragment of the entire network.

The Deep Web: in this by far most extensive area (about 90% of the entire internet) are company databases, Streaming servers and online storage. Basically, the Deep Web is open to everyone, but many contents are protected for example. Protected company secrets.

The Dark net: This space of the Internet is a comparatively small part of the Deep Web. It cannot be found in the conventional way, the communication is encrypted and the authors of the content as well as its visitors or consumers want to remain anonymous as far as possible.

Dark net and Deep Web-What are the differences?

The Deep Web accounts for about 90% of the entire World Wide Web. Pages of the Deep Web are not indexed and therefore not accessible via search engines. The Deep Web consists of databases, websites and Services belonging to companies, authorities or universities. These contents are usually subject to payment or, for example, password protected, but harmless. For the Dark net you need special Software and its contents often have criminal background.

Deep web links

The links do not only list deep web addresses that actually lead to an active page, but also addresses that – at least for the moment – are not used at all. In fact, the overwhelming majority of addresses consist of an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers that lead nowhere. Overall, the list consists of 1,303,578,719,459,689,142,305,273 Links. We have not checked how many of the addresses lead to an actually working page. When you search for .onion links on the internet, you are taking a small step to the deep web. Note: whether you are deep web learning or web browsing, security should be your top priority.

Here are some basic steps you should follow to create a safer playground:

Close all active applications that access the internet. Now remove the webcam, or hide it with black tape. Start the NordVPN software and do not select a VPN server. Now wait until the connection is established. Start Tor Browser after connection is established. After starting the Tor browser, you need to disable Java script and select the most secure level. Now everything is ready. Learn more about the deep web / browse the deep web links. Here are some examples of deep web links:

http://money5cpbstvvf2b.onion/ Financial Service

http://2ja7yz5b3owazz76uvs3zjgcobf4ui63afscjc4azlu67khfuy3iq5yd.onion/ Onion List

http://wiki37j37qeafddg.onion/ Hidden List

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