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There are many fake sites in the dark network. That's why we built the Onion List Here you can review all sites and find out which one is fake. In this way, you can find the most secure and real site easily shopping.

What is an onion site?

Sites with the extension . onion provide access to the deep web which is mostly used with tor. even though the most guaranteed way to use .onion sites is using tor and VPN together. There are several onion extension lists on the internet which lead us to dark web. and also onion sites used for mitigating ssl stripping. Onion URLs are way different from your daily used URLs. because of this reason they are most likely seem complex and hard to remember. however, there are many professional sites that provide onion URLs as simple as possible.

How to use onion sites more safely?

The way of using these sites as safely as possible is, using tor and VPN together. Always make sure that you are connected to VPN first. then you can download your tor Browser if you didn't already download yet. Using tor and VPN together called tor over VPN. Let us briefly give information about tor:

In short, tor helps you stay anonymous by protecting your location and your personal information. when you use tor as a browser, you will be connected to the internet via the tor network. tor is the abbreviation of THE ONİON ROUTER. When you surf the internet with the Tor Browser, you are routed over a network of servers to protect your Personal data. Although tor is a very safe way to use the internet, it has some disadvantages. for example, your browsing is going to be slow. VPN might be a better option if it will be used for more innocent jobs like torrent. Even if you only use the Tor browser to surf the Internet, it is connected to Tor makes you a potential criminal for the authorities. You can combine these two options to maximize your security and privacy. There are three known methods for this:

- Tor over VPN

- VPN over Tor

- The Bottom Line

however, we will talk about their details in another article.

Best Three .onion Sites on Internet

- ProPublic: Pro Public, the first organization established in this field, provides onion site services.

- Blockchain: Blockchain simplifies business processes while building a foundation for next-generation transactions that build trust and transparency.

- Sci-Hub: Sci-Hub is a network service that provides access to scientific articles by crossing online payment walls.

Onion lists provide information about the organizations that are experts on this topic for users who want to search safely and confidentially on the Internet. these organizations also tell their users how to use onion sites. We have 4 common recommendations for users who want to use Onion sites.

- Make sure the URL you have is correct. If you do not pay attention, you may encounter various illegal extensions.

- Choose who you interact with carefully. because the people you are communicating with can drag you into crime

- Do not download any file, image or data from onion sites. They may have malware.

- Stay away from proxy servers. They can cause data loss.

What is SSL and SSL strip?

Many transactions on the internet, from information transfer to various payments, should be secured. In fact, SSL is a standard technology created to keep the internet connection safe.

SSL attacks require the use of VPN and tor. SSL attacks can break down the site's security and cause a variety of damage that can reach data loss. Proxy servers and VPN are an important choice to stop SSL attacks. or you can get this certificate from various certificate vendors and protect your site against these attacks.

VPN suggestions for .onion users

If you are using tor, you will need a solid vpn because these two cannot be considered separately. If tor and VPN users are not careful in their choices, they cannot get the desired efficiency from the sites mentioned in onion list. if you have a reliable VPN, you are not going to face with difficulties while using tor browser, which means better .onion site connection. Here are the most efficient and reliable VPN services for routing your browser to the onion Network:

- NordVPN: This service is ranked first because it has more than 5600 servers worldwide. If customers don't like the service, the company will return their money within 30 days. In addition, this application can be run with various programs such as: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO GO, etc.

- ExpressVPN: This service is also good choice for the .onion site users because it gives anonym and fast access to Tor Networks. It has also more than 3000 servers across to world in 94 countries. If you ever have connection problem while using these VPN applications don’t worry. Because they have both 24/7 live support services for your Problems that you may have.

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