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Hello. We are a small experienced team which trades high quality drugs and prescription drugs. We take care of every customer to ensure all transactions are completed successfully. Our drugs are the highest class of purity. We have a lot of positive feedback. Shipping of our stuff is possible only by one way Tracked mail signature required. We can tell you what is happening with your order but we can't give you the tracking ID. We ship from low risk European countries (NOT Netherlands or Czech Republic) to worldwide. Delivery takes around 1-2 weeks (3 - 10 delivery days) Don't blame us when you don't receive stuff by accident. We are not postal workers. We provide stuff has been shipped correctly. We don't support shipping to PO BOXes. We take great care about our stealth. Our stealth is one of the most professional on markets - our method of packing lowers chance of seizing by customs and thieves very significantly. We are not postal workers. We don't know what will happen with your order but 100% of our orders have been successful and we provide 100% refund in the case of undelivery.

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